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The Prophet's Beckoning - text


[feat. Tom Barber]

Glory and salvation!
Materialize in the light of the sun.
A fleet of billions raining from the clouds up above.
Jaws dripping for my flesh, they come for my head.
Twilight compunction illuminate the earth.
Legacies have been uncovered.
Before us, substance in it's orbit.
A second ring to end them all.
This is where the ancients fall.
All legions of the serpent unite as one.
Spew forth darkness in the form of a death of a nova.
Bestow fire unto their worlds.
For salvation has been gifted from the hands of the gods.
The sacred icon shall be found.
The silence is so deafening.
My brothers have forsaken me.
Forgive my haste, my foolishness, in the light of this tragedy.
You've fooled me for the last time.
An example must be made.
Look up, face the skies.
Kneel down, accept your demise.
Holy defenders basking in the effluence of human filth.
Unaware their beckoning goes unheard.
Beyond the shadow of doubt.
Alas, in my hands, driven straight into the ground.
All eyes bent towards the heavens.
The glorious light that splits apart the veil.
Behold the infinite jest.
Man shall cease.
All eyes to behold it's unrelenting reach.
In the darkest light we wait to transform into glass.
The beam of light emerges and completes the final task.
Upon release all life will cease.
Twilight compunction, burn this world to ash.
Burn this world to ash.

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