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The Mad Tyrant's Betrayal - text


Spreading disease.
Two betrayals have unfolded before my eyes.
Virulent infection.
A tyrant so mad in the mind unraveling bloodlust upon the Reclaimer.
Begging for death. Down on his knees. He remains headstrong in his deceit.
Unaware of the dangers below, sparring with the Elite.
Banished to the winter below, the ice chills each body to the bone as they're buried beneath.
A world where the dead shall rise.
Instilling vengeance, yet eluding my demise.
Abominations from the deepest of hells.
Mind raped of essence, a purulent shell.
Bestowed with a task to devour worlds.
I shall destroy this place at once.
Fate beckons me to make the hardest choice I’ve ever made.
You've started a war, Bastard.
Deceit clouds their minds.
The tyrant speaks no truth, he only lies.
You dare threaten us, Betrayer?
Two betrayals have unfolded.
Virulent infection spreading disease.
Begging for my death down on his knees.
I'm arriving at the beam of light disrupting its pulse with my flesh.
The mad tyrant remains headstrong in his deceit, alerting the predators with grim intentions, unraveling bloodlust upon the Reclaimer.
In mockery sentinels gather encompassing the grail.
My destiny profound.
Desperation clings to my every breath.
Lay waste to them.
Chilling sensation messages my cerebra.
The demon's wrath eternally silencing the stigma.
I've seen demons torn apart by this deadly tundra.
Even in death they remain alive.
Banished to the winter below, ice chills each body to the bone.
My judgement is clouded by madness of the mind.
A sentence I never deserved, but rather you imposed.
I will bury all in oblivion.
The mad tyrant's betrayal.

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