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The Horror Within - text


The fog suffocates the marsh
Bewildered I am, for without companionship I am lost.
Hundreds of eyes watch over my shoulder
As I turn to look in disarray, before my eyes the reaper returning to slay

Meek and blinded apparitions, resurface and recompense.
The inner machinations of their minds are an enigma
It’s so close I can almost taste it
I begin to descend to the depths of dead gods

Materializing in infinite blackness
Blood paints the pathway to the only door illuminated
Approached without knowledge of what lies beneath
I taste the essence of death

Taunting whispers echo in the halls of smothered tears
Stopped to face the door again basking in overwhelming fear
Fallen comrades bleeding at my feet, what have they done?
Opening the gates of hell to the horror within

From each crevice and arch they emerge.
Unshackled from the prison of millennia to restore thy fallen lord
Elderly powers clandestine, shadowed in the vastness
Unscathed, sheltering affliction from the masses of the galaxy

Populace sulking in disease, chanting to their gods for mercy
Various forms of entities relinquish this tomb to those who seek treasury
I fight to stay alive as hordes of demons surge.
They whip and claw at my face as I cling to life

Immune to any actions taken thus far
Their only purpose: to consume and mutilate all
Bound in steel in the bowels of this world
Creatures made of flesh and maggots

Primal instinct dictates action
Perpetual repulsion is a factor that instills my rage
Relinquished of all control, relinquish all control
Relinquish your will and your soul
Relinquish! Relinquish!

Bittersweet truths always burn the tongues
Of those who wish to taste the terrors to come
Alas, an oracle of light brings salvation
The caretaker of this installation pulls me forth
Without a second glance at what fiercely follows
To the catacombs we go to end this all

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