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The Forsaken Effigy - text


Savage structure of hypocrisy.
A vile being of infamy untainted for centuries below the library.
Murderous echoes in his wake.
Contagion, a relic of death.
Hatred embodiment.
Festering, Disgusting, sulking in mockery beneath the library.
Awaiting food for centuries.
The guardian of the realm apprehended by the gluttonous monstrosity, along with me.
Forsake the forsaken.
The forsaken effigy.
Below the spire remains the hideous figure forever treading these unholy grounds, anticipating sustenance.
Domain stained in ash and snow, plastered in corpses.
Undead but still alive, controlled by the hand of death.
Exacerbated resurrection of infection.
A nightmare externalized in human form.
Furthermore corrupting the incongruous descendants, raping them of their lives.
As the world burns, grinning at the fruitless attempts for survival.
Encompassing sentience across the ring.
Breaking away from the grip of old, extensive advancement coming from the black hole.
Free among the galaxy again.
The underworld arisen.
Exacerbated resurrection of infection.
Furthermore corrupting the incongruous descendants.
Delight inside my rotting flesh.
Existence in decomposition awaits.
Delectable tear drops gifted from agony, un-surrendered.
Dissolving remnants of molested offspring please my belly for it aches of youth.
Sinking in as my jaws begin to crack.
Orgasms flow as their bones collapse.
In the end, laying in banished famine bloated and withered.
Forsake the forsaken.

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