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Where Infinity Ends - text

Tell me why all our hopes
Turn to castles made of sand
Everytime that we feel
their grip is slipping
Veiled within hands of time
See the shadows resonate in rhyme
Death of dreams found within
These darkened hallways

We all remember a long past time
When we believed in powers divine

Evil rules our land
We cannot comprehend
What is the reason for our tragedy in jerusalem
The place where infinity ends
What is the reason for our tragedy

Where infinity ends

Sleepless dreams in our past
Moments of eternity
Essence of form and shape
What man has created
These are the days of no trust
The spirits here are so forlorn
Seeking truth finding none
Only sadness

We all remember what used to be
Once we believed in higher lives

Text přidal paja65

What Should Not Be

Seventh One texty

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