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Can you feel the flame
Burning the skin from the inside
Do you seee the scars in her eyes
As frail as an autumn leaf
With the knowlenge and the knowing
Walking through the maze - feels so lost

She can't erase that memory
Always my her side

Harvesting the weak
Secrets found within
In the aftermath
The circle forms again
Deep inside her eyes
See the open graves
Inviting us to stay
The shade of the towering trees
Our innocence is lost

She can't erase that memory

Sail away far away
My dreams will never die
Sail away far away
My broken spirit will arise
Across the sea eternity
Endless horizons in my sight
Sail away far away
Awaken visions

Desolation grows - eyes that search the sky
Oceans overflow - beyond limits set my the mind
Abandoned my our faith
Elusive shadows drawing near
Drawing near

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