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Tale Of The Forgotten Dreams - text


Visions growing in my mind
As the daylight fades away
Danger follows us until we die
We try to break free

We're sitting in a cage called life
Seems that we will never win
Then we can hear the howling wind

Remember the days when we're far away
We had dreams that kept us alive
We're doing our job and waste our time
But our forgotten dreams will survive

Eagle come and fly with us
And lead us to the vale
The echo of the running wings
Began to tell a tale
Our past is running through our heads
We can hear silent screams
And the eagle told us
It's the tale of the forgotten dreams

We fly through the clouds
And watch down to the lane
People crying bloody tears
With an ache in our hearts
We saw the mighty make war
And our childhood dreams make us cry



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