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Seventh Avenue Until You Come Again - text


You set us in this world
And know each single heart
But not each heart belongs to you
Only you know them from the start

But those who belong to you
Are heading for your reign
Looking forward to your realm
We are homeless in this world

Our weakness is our strengh
Cause blessed are those who count on you
A plain man could never stand
Against Satan's machinations

So give us strengh to carry on
Until you come again
Keep us from fall apart from you
Until you come again
Let us be tools to spread your word
Until you come again
And save before the other side
Until you come again

Jesus, you are lord, you are saviour
Only through your blood we are worth
To come before gods throne some day
You died and have been risen
Only those who believe in that
And accept you as their lord
Will have eternal life when you come again


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Seventh Avenue texty

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