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Levy Your Soul From Hate - text


Tears are falling in silence and fear
Escape your life from your master thought
Never stop this healing hand
That will keep you till your end

Break free from this dimension
Feel the rain and release the tension
Remember those days that your mind was full of joy
But now you carry your sins
Pray to god make them undone
But even god won't change the past

Inside your soul screams loud
Why are you still so proud?
For you the world won't cry
Kiss your old life goodbye

Out of the dark get into the light
Hope will kill the never ending night
The world has lost another slave
Levy your soul from hate

Leave your old life far behind
Don't you look back in any kind
No more hate shall rule your mind
Your sins were paid in blood a long time ago
A cross on a hill sealed Satan's fate
An empty grave levies your soul from hate


Text přidala Ludkaa9

Video přidala Ludkaa9

Between the Worlds

Seventh Avenue texty

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