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Juggler Of Words - text


Laughter echoes through the night
The wilderness deep in your heart
Opened up the depths of the soul
Silence is a thousand miles away
Though everything around is quiet
But this laughter is all around
It is like a needle deep in your brain

A thousand souls are screaming out
A thousand silent tears were shed
A thousand souls are screaming loud
For you my friend the sand's still running

Juggler of words for all the time
Through all the lands that you've been
Roamed a sea of fear is what you found
Juggler of words for all the time
The race is lost, the cage is broken
How does it feel to know
That all you do is damned to fade?

The words that are following from his lips
Gave you strengh and cofidence
Turned out to be enpty prhrases
And desperation paved its way
Don't close your eyes, don't you despair!
And the juggler of words has been defeated
The key is just a wooden cross

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