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Infinite King - text


Shout it out!

Everything upon this planet
Creatures under the heavens span
Evidence for your endless power
Part of your masterplan
In this gallery of creation
The exhibition is just perfect

Mankind is taking part in
This deceptive endless play
Some want to be directors
But we prefer to pray
Cause we are cast just for a lifetime
We are actors on the run for text

Mighty creator of all the heavens and the earth
Infinite king the satan gives you a wide berth
With hearts on fire our tongues are giving
Cheers to you, almighty Lord!

Shout it out!
He is the king
Peace and justice he will bring
Burning hearts
Tongues of fire
For his name

When I look at the sky that you have made
The moon and the stars above
You set them in their places
They all are telling of your love
I ask myself who am I
Who am I that you care for me?

If I would try to scape
Where could I hide from you?
With open arms you are waiting
You're the one who brings us through
Patience and love you proved it
Confession breaks the devil's neck

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