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So much years passed by in your dumb grey life
You'd never thought that there is more to see
Hours, days and years pass by and you don't mind
You always think that all is in control

Why do you lock up your soul
You run away from all your problems
Pull yourself together and look into the light

Just see the world with angels eyes
Trow away the chains of fustration
Angels eyes give confidence
Break free from aggression
And only those who look
Through angels eyes
See the things and understand

You fear the step into the new
Give up the known let yourself fall
Why do you fear changes
Do you think that no one catches you?
And only the lord gives power and strengh to you

You was almost on to get up
But Satan still won't give you up
You doubt of all, let no one touch you
But then you hear a voice saying


Maybe you'll lose all that is important to you
But now you got the prospect over your life
Don't you lose time, unlock your soul
And see the world with angels eyes



Text přidala Ludkaa9

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Between the Worlds

Seventh Avenue texty

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