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Can you be free from your heavy load?
You will find that your dreams come true
Can you see through the endless lies?
You will find that your goals are near

There's no time to wait for the sunlight
It's so easy to just fade away
Let your heart glow through the seasons
Join this journey to find better days

Fill the long empty days
Take power through strength
Find your own way
United by faith

United we stand
United we stand - forever now
United we stand
For this day, for this time

On through the night in the winter snow
In the end there's light to find
Struggle so hard to fulfill my quest
But I know that my time will come

I've got nothing to lose on this journey
Cause I started with two empty hands
I see light in the end of the tunnel
I won't let anything pass me by

I won't wait for the sun to reach me
I will make it rise by myself
Glory days from the past won't come back
We'll create a new time and make our own rules

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Break the Chains

Seven (Swe) texty

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