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The Tale Of Deathface Ginny - text


From beyond our world
Death tended to his land
Until her cry was heard
From the tower, where it began
A song of sadness told
He went himself to see her then

In desperation
The tears of death
Fell upon her final breath

Traveling western sands
The fox's sin is revenant
His judgement day at hand
The face of death is on the wind
A garden withered hence
This child's quest to rise against
Wounds that could never mend
The face of death rides on the wind

So the legend goes
Beauty begged to let it end
When sun set, moon arose
And out of love, he took her then
Setting free her soul
Left here a daughter of revenge

Reaper of vengeance
Hunter of men
One beginning and one end

The vulture circles
To take her place
From the blood arise
The future in her eyes

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