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Castles In The Snow - text


When I was just a girl
I dreamed of gallant knights
Riding for love and war
Honor and glory
Dreams so quickly fade
Reality is languishing trapped
In a game being played
Ever betraying

I'm forced to steel my skin
I've weathered through the storm
Someday I'll go home
When will my time begin?
Or has it come and gone?
A wolf who died alone

Though I have grown, I have learned
I'm still a little bird
Building castles in the snow
One day my song will end
The snow will fall again and again
And I will fly away, fly away, fly away

Each day remains the same
Please free me from this cage
I should run, I should live my own life
Write my own story

But hope so quickly fades
This life of yearning
Suffering endlessly
And all for what? Winter is coming

Is this how things end?
Can't take any more
Someday, I'll go home
I've lost all my kin.
Please maiden, mother, crone
I pray, don't let me die alone

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