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Lament of the Sins - text

Fighting almost savage
Yet the purpose was dim
Power maybe order
Though this carried even grief
Courage never fading
Mind and will persisted strong
Always on a clear path
Nothing was meant to be wrong
A sleeping heart cannot guide
When should be mourning the pride
Crying in the twilight
As the sun withdraws its gold
Struggling to understand now
A sad feeling unforetold
A whisper of heart grows within
Soft lament born from her sins
She finally awakes and looks at the world then
Stares at the dance of life with a thrill
Empathy and chaos enveloped in souls she wants
To be part of it
Biting shreds of regret
Now are embedded deep in her soul
Small part in her mind
Of the price for her faults
She acts now in sorrow's constraints
As if redemption she could not obtain
This time with no pride she raises her head and
Learns with tears what others can teach
But nature's embrace that she now perceives
Was not a never heard speech
But there is one thing she misunderstands about
Kindness, love, forgiveness and men
It's not in her power to refuse a gift
That hearts of people will grant
No god can ever claim
Lie in men's domain)
(memories not growing faint
Carry along a guiding pain
Suffering her eyes now can
No more conceal
But a helping hand that shares
Passion, losses, gains and cares
Holds inside the power to heal)

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