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Summon the Lord With Horns - text


Eyes in dusk, demons descend through the gloom
Lightning cracks the red sky; shadows by the moon

Summon the lord with horns

With the voices of countless souls
Thou shalt slay the earth
Oh, lord of the darkest realm
Bring me rebirth

Swept in black; alone I wait for your call
Through the silent nightsky, lightning touch the orb

Summon the night; and make it stay
Horn crowned king; come guide my way
Chaos roars; through the night
Newborn world; slowly dies

Summon the lord with horns

Rise; darkness calls thee
I stand to fave thee

Dawn, this is the dusk at dawn
Shadows walk the earth
Spawn, I am unholy spawn
Son of hell on earth

Rise, darkness calls thee
I stand to face thee

Satan lord; bring me the wisdom eternal
Infernal realm; dark one make me immortal
Satan lord; angels burning in the fire
Satanic arrival; no light shall ever remain

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Lords of the Nightrealm

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