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Put me into syndication,
broadcast to a network station
of people viewing their favorite episodes.
I can't find a new pitch to throw the studios.
I need a re-run to better cast
the next series of events in the air-timeline lapse.
My made-for-TV type was written off
in the last season when I wasn't focused on the cue.
I grew up with David Lee and Tiffany,
in love with Billy Jean
and I was terrified of Freddy.
I grew up, no DVD's, or mp3's, or plasma screen TV's
because I'm a product of the 80's.
When Punky Brewster came around,
the afternoon stopped being down.
For Pacific/Eastern times
and the Bayside "Saved By…" teens
who were opening with lines a
nd the songs that became our themes.
"Like a Prayer" and "Like a Virgin,"
a music to video version.

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