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Sleep baby sleep,
I don´t mind if you leave,
We will part in our dreams, let them come.
I´ll give you my skin,
But you can´t have within,
Hold me tight as you like,
I will leave you when the day is done.
Wake with the dawn,
Discover needles in my neck,
Sleep it bade me turn my back on you.
I´ll watch your chest,
As it rises with each breath,
But you still breathe beneath a river,
That I´ll never even wade through.
Give me your cup and,
I´ll give you mine.
But I´ll prise it from your fingers,
In surrender to the night.
The moon is bright,
And hangs alone,
Yeah, he´s got the stars, but they´ve got their own
Solar systems.
And I watch as he wards off the dark,
With the gift that the sun gave him.
And I learn from the moon what we are,
All alone.
But alone in a sea of lonely stars.
So go baby glow.

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