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Ever since the Chocolate - text

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I had a chocolate bar, the finest you could find,
It swallowed up my mind and I was free to find you.
Keepers beckoned from their doors,
Syrup glass, marshmallow floors but I slipped throught the alleys,
Wanting something more.
Young girl I have something that you´ll want to hold,
They followed throught the alleys, something more.
They clawed about my dress and now I´m naked,
Tore holes in my soul about my neck,
The doctor says I have to wear a jacket,
But as darkness falls I see this light, it´s burning at the fog and I´ve followed ever since.
Cocoa melted from my eyes, trickled to the floor,
They said they wanted more and I was glad they´d found you,
But cats were licking at the drains,
Their tongues would hurt my throat but,
I was numb, so seasick.
They clawed...

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