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Last night I dreamt that I was a bird,
Lift with the wind, long black wings would unfold.
But when I dared to look down to the ground, to the ground,
I felt my bones grow,
Heavy and cold, oh, oh,
Why do I shake so?
I cannot fall.
Last night I dreamt that I was a house,
Flames leapt from the stove and licked at the walls.
I screamed from my windows 'Get out, oh, get out, I´ll explode!'
I am not safe,
Pull me from Kansas,
Why do they think I look safe and secure?
Last night you dreamt that I was a bird,
The whitest feathers and I soared.
I don´t want to hurt the faith you have put.
But if you could reserve it ´till at least I have stood.
Last night I dreamt of black current, river of voices,
Sink below, it forgives all my choices.
But when I look on to the sea, to the Ocean,
I feel my limbs shrink,
Into my fins and I think,
If I could just swim from
The lights of the shore.
Last night I dreamt I was deep inside the mouth of a monster,
Green paper filled my breast,
And I woke to breathe,
Sat up for to free myself,
And there you were,
Just standing there,
I don´t know if I can do this.
There´s too many dangers,
You might burn for me,
For last night I dreamt you dreamt
That I was a bird.

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