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Having achieved near immortality, Mr. Nightmist continues his journey and the lesson he learns as generations come and go is… that the story stays the same.
I'm standing here with tears in my eyes
Somehow I made it after all
And I remember
Every kindness I was shown
But I remember, all alone
Life ain't fair
That much is clear
No life ain't fair my dear
Life ain't fair
We're summoned here
To see beauty in sacrifice
Now I'm confused
Is this the end or not?
What happens next?
Is there a shred of light?
No! There is no end in sight
No! We can't allay your doubts
But where there's love
There's always hope for life
And in that hope
You make your sacrifice
Love can be a lonely place
Life devours all
There is no end to all this suffering my friend
No resolution
There is no way I could evade this bitter end
No true catharsis
So here I am facing eternity again
I am but night mist
Cross over! Cross over so I can dream
Silent custodian of dawn
I had my dreams
I lost them all
I paid the price
I took the fall
I set you free
I gave my life
To mend the weave of destiny
So when you're down
And you feel lost
Remember me
And now the time has come
To say goodbye
And in this moment
Let me tell you why
I'm burdened by his memory
I'm burdened by his tragedy once more
I'm sad I always have to say farewell
I'm sad our story never quite ends well
But, wait, there's still the final page
One final line before we take our bow
Image this: The final act
There is still one final song
We will meet again

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