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You penetrate [my mind]
No sir, I assure you'll be just fine
But I just have to [remind]
*Cough cough*
Let's start over again
Why this sad face?
[Just smile]
Take this pill, that pill, that one's mine
You must have lost [your mind]
You're fucking insane

I despise these peoples wearing their heads
Just like withered flowers on it's stem.
Watch me hold my head up high
As I reach for the sky

You just fucked up [my mind]
No sir, as I said, you'll be just fine
But I just have to [remind]
Remind you of the last time
It's all an illusion you see
You can feel all comfortable with me
All together now, count to three

Text přidal LRyuzaki

Video přidala Denasha

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