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Elephant Slayer - text


I lie awake at night afraid of what’s to come.
Nothing is set for future plans what the hell am I here for?
So many things left unsaid, so many things I could do,
but indecision traps me in a cage with a great big lock
and I don’t have the key.
Which path am I supposed to take?
I’m so afraid to decide.
What if the path I choose is wrong?
What the hell am I here for?
God help me, I don’t know who I am
and I’m lost to the depths of my core.
I shouldn’t worry about things I can’t control.
Instead I’ll use the time I have to fix the problems I can.
Anxiety solves nothing.
Use your time more wisely.
Everything will work out fine, the future will be mine.
The future will be mine.
I shot myself in the back too many times.
But enough if enough it’s time to give up and greet the great unknown with everything that I have.
I believe that everything in this world will fail.
Get off your feet everybody flood the dance floor.
Step inside, there’s nothing to be scared for.
The future starts now, the future starts with you.
Be afraid no longer you know what to do.

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