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Save me from my wretchedness.
My eyes are darkening and I’m losing strength to hold on.
I thought distance could save me.
I thought to outrun my demons.
Their eyes are always watching and I can feel their breath on my ear.
I’m so tired of running away.
I won’t last much longer I fear.
The darkness inside me, Otherworldly it only consumes.
But is my strength enough to defy it?
How much longer can I escape from this doom?
When the sun goes up I feel at peace,
but at night when I close my eyes only terror awaits me,
dressed in a nightmare disguise.
This world is not alone.
Everyday there’s a fight for millions, but no one pays any attention. When will we wake up?
But why would anyone see or feel what they choose to believe isn’t real?
This world is theirs and I declare we can’t beat these demons on our own.
I can’t fight demons on my own.
Oh God save me from my sins.
I can’t fight these demons on my own.
Oh God save me from my sins I have nowhere to go.
They’re getting closer I can feel them.
I won’t be the one to kneel before them.

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