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Symptom Of The Universe - text


Take Me Through The Centuries To Supersonic Years
Electrifying Enemy Is Drowning In His Tears
All I Have To Give You Is A Love That Never Dies
The Symptom Of The Universe Is Written In Your Eyes


Mother Mooch Is Calling Me Back To Her Silver Womb
Father Of Creation Takes Me From My Stolen Tomb
Seventh Night The Unicorn Is Waiting In The Skies
A Symptom Of The Universe, A Love That Never Dies


Take My Hand, My Child Of Love Come Step Inside My Tears
Swim The Magic Ocean I've Been Crying All These Years
When Our Love Will Ride Away Into Eternal Skies
A Symptom Of The Universe, A Love That Never Dies


Oh My Child Of Love's Creation, Come And Step Inside My Dreams
In Your Eyes I See No Sadness, You Are All That Loving Means
Take My Hand And We'll Go Riding Through The Sunshine From Above
We'll Find Happiness Together In The Summer Skies Of Love

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