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Guards of the gates of Hell
Three-headed dog called Cerberus
Do not seek the underworld
You're sure to face a sudden death

Oh, times running out
The sands grow short
It's time to die,
Oh, times running out
The sands grow short
It's your turn to die

Oh no, the dog is near
You begin to fear
The Sentinel Beast
No, no, the dog is near
Try not to fear
The Sentinel Beast

He waits for you to take your life
Can feel him breathe down your back
You turn to look, but he's not there
Just waiting for the beasts attack


Now silence fills the air
No movement, not a stir
But he's there, you can feel him
In every shadow of darkness,
Just hold on to your mind
You keep saying to yourself
Must be a dream, a nightmare
But the beast seems so real

End is near, death awaits
A sudden movement, sudden dare
Lunging forth, the beast upon you
Blood is drawn and pain you bare

Lying still, the battle ends
The beast has won, a deathly cost
Darkness falls across your face
No mercy for the life that lost


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