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New Jersey Makes, The World Takes - text


How’s the weather in NJ?
I bet it’s cold and grey.
I heard you’ve been drinking don’t lie to me.
I don’t want to bury you this winter it’s too soon.
Don’t make me come back home from LA.
I’ve lost so many to the bottle, to the needle,
I can’t take another funeral.
I’m not giving up today, no, everyone I love is still in pain.
I’m not giving up today, no, everyone I love needs to be saved.
The sky at dawn it seems so calm and promising.
I can’t believe that you’re still breathing.
Don’t you want to believe that this life it means something?
No one can save you but yourself this time.
I found myself in a place where all my days were numbered.
I overcame all my demons and I know that you can too.
What have you got to lose?

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