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The Beggar's Estate - text

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I will die in this gutter
Be old and invalid enough
They throw me one more cent
And turn away their face
You may scold me I’m a drunk
I'm pleased, just let me rest
Hurry to your pompous feast
Don’t need you to find my death
Long time ago I lived my life
A decent man like you
Suddenly a change of fate
Forced me to pay my due
Go to work they point at me
Throwing bones to my feet
I won’t swear at you, rich man
In your barn I find my peace
I tell about my memories
Listen before it’s too late
The story of my life results
From this beggar’s sad estate
Surely I could steal all time
But begging is alright
The only thing I really want
Is trying to survive
And when I die in this gutter
Old and invalid enough
You throw me just one more cent
And turn away your face

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