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We are the devil's breed, hell’s rejects
The underground spit us out
We bring you pain and serve sweet death
Shaping the realm of evil
We infiltrate your human race
To breathe you in and cough you out
With wicked cunning we take your world
To erase the men who ain’t worth
For a long time you are forgotten
Now you’re bound and lie down rotten
Home is where your mother moans
This awesome Palace is built from bones
You think that you decide your fate
We teach you something else
There is no chance for you to flee
We’re the ones, kill you for free
Your life is trash, has no meaning
We kill for visions you don't understand
There is no reason to explain
Well just release you from your pain
Nobody will remember
What things you have lived for
Hell is where your father roams
This dreadful palace is built from bones

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