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Feeding the Rage - text

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Building a world based on lies
Living their lives in disguise
The only thing that counts is to feather their nest
Watch out or your dream could collapse
Holding their might in their hands
Talking about things they don t understand
Exploiting us until we lie to rest
Trying to reach the limit
You’re feeding our rage
You're feeding our rage
Your life is just a masquerade
And you selling us fake after fake
They pretend, they want our best
Hypocrites without remorse
A society that never asks
Breaking the rules just made by themselves
Taking money wherever they can
Before they are turning their backs
Their honour is like a trophy on a shelf
They're proud of their relics from the past
But one day we’ll come over you
And show you that you’re not divine
One day we show you the bitter truth
You’re marching straight to your decline

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