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Connection of Evil - text

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Narrow-minded little kings playing their deadly games
Bringing death to mankind this is to blame
We'll break their tyranny lead dictators to their graves
Bring all people democracy then they'll live real safe
Won't you agree with us you’ll stand isolated and alone
Won't you believe in us, we could do nothing for
cause you belong to
Connection of evil
We'll eradicate god is on our side
Companions of evil
We'll tear them down world-wide
Of cause there are some leaders we've supported all the years
Get weapons if they need them economy get big deals
Well never agree to extortion's but extort wherever we can
Different measures dependent on our aims
A crusade against terrorism, crusade for new Jerusalem
A crusade for our religion, a crusade for freedom and peace
A crusade against all the evil, a crusade to safe our world
For capital and our industry, a crusade to heal them all
A crusade for all what is holy, a crusade against ourselves
Eradicating everybody who stands in our way
Accept our New-World-Order we will reign the world

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