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Here we are at the end of trying
Looking out at the rest of our lives
We took the road to the end of romance
to the place broken hearts go to die
So we Talk and Talk and Talk about it
You don't ever hear me
So we Talk and Talk and Talk about it
It never came true for me
The fire's gone, and my heart grows heavy
No more words no more reasons for why
Not a tear is there left for crying
Let these arms hold us close one last time
I can feel all the desperation
As it all slips away
So far away
This is more than a separation
Is it wrong, is it right?
We've opened up the door
Cruz: But I'm afraid to fly
Michael: So am I
Who do you blame when love has died?

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Videa přidali Delanir, bedasong

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Bossa Nova Hotel


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