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Have I told you how I like to see him breathe?
Like he can barely catch the air between his tongue and teeth
'Cause I glide so free
Or how he sometimes moans and cries for others that he left Yet out the door, I would become like all of them thereafter
So I feel us try so very hard to not let who is gone before be who we are
And as we lay like gymnasts after tumbling
He says he doesn’t have to try with me
But we'll see

[Verse 1]
Sex in the morning, you can't handle anymore
Sex in the morning, I promise I’ll start saying sorry more
I'm just scared 'cause you never do anything wrong
I'm scared but I can't let you make my skin crawl

You feel for me but I got nothing
Stopping the beat but I can't figure it out
On it goes, on and on and on it goes
When we leave this cold
On and on and on it goes

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