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Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fall
The angels of my nature won't accept the last call
I stop thinking, I just react
Before I know it everything turns black
I'm on a highway doing 90, utterly juiced
Out of control and impossibly loose
I'm comprehending without a clue
I don't know where I'm going, I don't know what I'm gonna do
I'm like a runaway train
Screaming through the back tent
Roaring through the rain
Like a runaway train
Maybe it's a full moon, baby, high-end tide
The fear of dying young, it makes me take that ride
I start up slowly building up steam
Before I know it all is illusion, it's like I'm in a dream
No rhyme, no reason, nothing makes sense
No future, no past, only present tense
I'm out there floating completely alone
In a universe of chaos indifferent as a stone
Like a runaway train
Racing to the void
Roaring through the rain
Like a runaway train
I can't explain the unexplainable
Where's the electron gonna be next?
Do we really die for love and glory
Or only for wealth and sex?
Is there a reason why I'm on this road?
Is it random or ordained?
Is everyone in the world dead today?
Am I the only one that's saved?
We approach the speed of light, we approach infinite mass
We can't cross over, all our future becomes the past
It's nice to know those limits, nice to know those walls
But when you're on a bender you don't care about that at all
There's only moving forward, picking up speed
Moving feels like freedom, sometimes that's all you need
There's the wind in your hair, the cold on your brow
Nothing else matters, you're alive right now
Like a runaway train
Raging through the dark night
Roaring 'gainst the grain
Like a runaway train
Oh, runaway train
Oh, like a train
Runaway train
Runaway train
Runaway train
Runaway train

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