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The 2nd Man on the Sun - text


I should have been have by now
But, won't you take a look at me?
And all the while you stray to your
Place of strength
A stubber throne carved from
Ignorance & of misconception,
Images of consequence bearing down
The pain of your fallen idles
So look around, look around.
The poison pipers ashes black, yet,
Liquid mother's child will play
With his hand I share you all today
Time & time always rewinding
For those before there's no rewinding
I still these pictures echoe lame,
I tread the same.

Public Safety announcement
By Phillip P.G. Kirk.
"Society & all related deseases
Should be kept under constant
Supervision, any risk of infection
From the general public should
Be treated with priority."

They won't you take that look at me
I can't lift the blue from the sea.
Once I was, but, now I am,
I can bury the sun in sand.
Lead by disillusioned state of mind
Or a heresy lays your cards on line
From one too many turns, you can't
Treasure that which is left behind.
Swallow word if not the pride for
Living proof take the existential
And for what goes around
Comes around, around.

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