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Pressures - text


Dusty shelves in a burned out room
Weighs A.1 move coffee cup already too
Soon, taking in the pictures, while
My fuel as I rest all the same.
A patience request bare me time
Not your soul be iill bare you my
Scars from the grind when I'm old,
The machine it just don't appeal
Today cos' I cannot face the rain
Someday, someday.

Staring at fortunes can't play
For my dreams, so, I'm short
Changing time as I dirty dreams.
And those with their barricades
Whose laughter plays masquerade
To the fear of my everything to gain.
And my anguish is their
Melody each time the tolls
Pressing down, empty pockets
Their rhapsody, while I'm
chasing that crown.
Someday someway.
Years of their silver spoons
Trapped in their luck restrooms
Shortens the summers of mine
Choking sitting down wannabes
Red pantomince freebies, selling
Their ideals & why?
& this disguise of mine, I
Share with you in rhyme,
After all this time I'll find

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