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Time is alone with a fear
He's stranded in this Prison he waits
Be to the endless sorrow blind.
Take head the warning, for
The day will come to rest

This fairytale seed was sown
Such a beautiful place, yet
Raped now by the coldest breed
To share in the disgrace
Left for all, forever.
Upon this precious stage reflects
Us our burden architects,
the portrait of our now.
Tomorrow's diaries will repent
The downfall of benevolence
Of the funeral of our past...

Tears will fall through the
Hands of the scape prince
Shining the colour of
All in his shadow
In the wake lack winter
Gardens provide only exile.
And of faith?
And of faith?

Where can the day run,
Except to the dogged sea
The dark of night.
Horizons the draw the sun
The sky lays down
The sky lays down to die.
...Plastic saviour's dreams pretend,
Selling all the birth of mind,
Dressing up believers fading holes
Upon this precious stage reflects
Us our burden architects,
Our final lesson will be learned.

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