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A Gathering of Separate Ways - text


Emotions rise,
Can't hide the falling tears
My ageless eyes telling &
Clearer the follow skins,
As my memories grave
Myself in mesmerize,
A dreamtime grandeur.

My deceit from a gathering
Of separate ways,
To surrender to my own
Submission, position.
Despair from a gathering
Of separate ways,
Following the words of an
Intuition, direction.

The symphony picturesque
Of clouds as they fly,
They whisper an exit
Them swim on by,
I reach on up to where they
Disappear, becoming stagnant
Where the skies adhere.
& I stare in their tears
As they cry.

And so this rural day,
Picks where suspicion
Fragile lays.
Bring towards this
Temptation away,
And so this rural day

When silence grows,
Is it telling when
Indecision slows &
Direction forges day?
& when I visualize
Will the sorrow surround?
& from elations high
Sorrow surrounds & how?

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