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A Chronicle of a Destiny Pt. II: Tense Past - text


Before sometimes for signs,
The schedules & the magpies bind,
For signs sometimes the pleasure
Upstaging is hide for a while.
Abiding hope, the smiling worth.
A caress of faith
To tread once move beyond.
The gratting hands can
Catch when feeding yet in
Fall don't share the healing
The hare of disillusion kinders.
Blinded by painting fingers
Over & over this stole position
Redeening wings of patience
Slumber in turing tides,
All that glitters is?
Now all around has done
It's tumbling down,
No longer chasing the shadows,
Now, driven by the circles sound
The blue is sad by the colour
Of the seasons braved,
& the scars don't even show
There's no caravan exempt of pain
That trying demon keeps us trying
again, & in the end our triumphs
Can't be erased.

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