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You Walk Alone - text


You raise your fist
Your body moves
You have to crave the lonely route
A silent psycho is dying away
And you give love right up to pain
Another day, another defiance
You never fear you could be dying
I cry for you again
You walk alone
You walk alone
You go these ways all on your own
There’s no-one left
There’s no-one left
To be a part just for yourself
You believe in your mental source
You have to trust your inner force
A darker landscape is surrounding you
And on the path of pain you cruise
Say now what you would want to be
You never break down
When you’re being yourself
I pray: say now what you would want to be
See and say
What you would want to be
Be now what you would want to be
Then you never break down
You never break down again

Text přidal DevilDan

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