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The Dark Priest - text


I'm your destiny
I'm your faith
I will convey you through the dark
So let me be your guiding light

I will hold you when you fall
I will protect you from the coldness
I will comfort you tonight
So let me show you the way to salvation

On my way out of the dark
On my way out of the night
I prevent you from falling apart
Believe in my sanctuary of delight

You look so sad and you look so lonely
You're claiming for a better life
Let us escape until the morning
And leave your memories far behind

I'm the dark priest
I'm the dark priest
I'm the dark priest
I'm the dark priest

The lantern leads us, the lantern guides us
Until the time is calling us back
Together we will fight the shadows
Together we will rise again

Behind the dawn is still arising
And we are descending with the last eclipse
Our faith is there to come
Together we will reach eternity

The next morning you are free
Behind the dark light will be fading

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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