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In nomine patri et filii et spiritu sancti

Hört ihr nicht die Seelen?
Die Seelen wie sie leiden!

Wenn das Geld im Kasten klingt
Die Seele in den Himmel springt

I am searching for the light
I am searching for salvation
Every day and every night
I want to cast the shadows out

You can put your trust in me
I am the way to your salvation
I am here and set you free
Just pay your money and ascend the light

Where will we be when we need redemption?
Is there a God so far away?
Or are they only just pretending?
Is this our fate?

The day I die will there be a god
On this day will I behold the savior
Will there be another world
So much better and full of delight

All your doubts should be resolved
When I will give you what you long for
Just pay your money and I'll avoid the decay
Without sins you escape the hell

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