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Once Upon a Time - text


And then she says: You, I long for you
And every home’s a new sense to you
And there she obsessed me in times so true
She won’t forsake me
I long here for her
And every day I keep to fall
When your disdain has ceased to stall
You want to reassess our life
But now you’re gone, left me in time
There were so many ways I could go
I want to let you know that I’m free of you
And aspiration’s got life
I know we’re dying tonight
I know I search for tides
Come back my light
And aspiration’s got life
The sound of love has declined
I know there’s no reprise
Once upon a time
And when we meet there on the shore
I let it pass like long ago
Now you won’t repossess my life
Cause you are gone, you’re out of line
Aspiration’s lost life
There’s no reprise
And I know it was once upon a time

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