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Engel der Nacht - text


I emerge out of my grave
Hunting with you through the night
Time has come, we're playing the game
And our fellowship won't fail
In this cold and rainy night
Something louring is just reborn
Living forever in redemption
Bringing back my darkness again

Oh Engel der Nacht
Fühlst du den Schmerz
Der für immer meine Seele zerreißt
Schenk uns Erlösung in der bittersten Stunde
Die für ewiglich wahrt
Oh mein Engel der Nacht

I feel a pain like a dagger in me
Lasting for over thousand years
I'm walking down an empty lane
Searching for my destiny
In the dimness of the night
I behold an angel far away
My angel, give me salvation
Give me shelter from rain that drenches my skin

Rise against
Affranchise yourself
Go into the depth
And set you free

Text přidal DevilDan

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