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Angel of Redemption - text


Lonesome on an empty lane
I come from the land of broken dreams
The gates so cold and dead
But I've a dream of deathless completion
I heard of endless tales
Of an angel of eternal beauty
I wait for the only one
The only one who will come and set me free

She's the only one to me
She will come and set me free

Angel of redemption
Come and redeem my lonely soul
Every night I prayed to you
I know the dream comes true
Angel of redemption
An ultimate creation to save me
In your light I wanna stay
I know you'll come one day

She's made from angel dust
She is made from all the lights on earth
Her touch so warm and pure
Where will I find this perfection?
And when I close my eyes
Then I will meet her in a dreamland
I believe in the only one
She's forever mine - eternally

Ein Blick gen Himmel (die Zeit steht still)
Und ein letzter Schrei im Wind
Ein Licht erstrahlt
Die Dunkelheit verrinnt

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