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is it something on the ground,
'Cause it's sunshine all around,
Don't you wanna see it?
Is there something I could say,
That'll make it all okay,
And help you to believe it?

I feel so weak.
Watchin' you sink...

Why won't you smile?
Just for a little while.
Just for a moment,
You can show it,
It's all right.
Why won't you smile?
Give it a try.
Just let it shine,
Oh why won't you smile?

The tears have gone away,
They leave you with the stain,
There's no denying.
You hide behind your hair,
And your bitter broken stare,
I know that you've been crying.

What did you lose?
What can I do?

So the world can see,
Smile, if not just for me,
Ooh smile,

Text přidala fifi505

Videa přidali fifi505, hamanama

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