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The Leaving Game - text


We always used to play the leaving game
We had to have our freedom now and then
Just a need to be with someone new
To run away and run right back again.

How many times we played the leaving game
Trading off tomorrow for today.
We never stopped to see the danger signs
We always smiled and looked the other way.
Now I see it clearly. What were we thinking of?
To think that we could play at love.

When your heart gets restless
You can't ignore the rules.
Don't you know the leaving game
Is just a game for fools?
I never thought that love would pass us by
But it seems we took the game too far.
You found someone new along the way;
Baby I just never thought you would.
I guess we played the leaving game too good.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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