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My World Keeps Slipping Away - text


I tell myself our love will last
And yet I know it's just the past I'm clingin' to.
I kiss the lips I know so well
One little kiss and I can tell you've been untrue.

The more I try to reach your heart
The more it seems we drift apart, what can I do.
Day by day my world keeps slippin' away.
You find it hard to let me go
Because you think that I don't know the way you feel.

I know you're tryin' to be kind
But yet it hurts me more to find you so unreal.
One little look into your eyes
And I can see a thousand lies that you reveal.
Day by day my world keeps slippin' away.
The world we knew is almost gone
But I'll, I'll keep holdin' on.

I know I'd wish you back again
If we could wander back to when you cared for me.
The heartbreak that I'm feelin' now
Would change if you'd remember how it used to be.
Please put the world back into place
Without your love I only face a memory.
Day by day my world keeps slippin' away.
Day by day my world keeps slippin' away.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

Zajímavosti o písni

  • Jedná se o cover verzi písně, kterou Sedaka a Howard Greenfield v roce 1967 napsali pro Connie Francis. Vyšla pod názvem "My World Is Slipping Away".  (DevilDan)
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