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I am born like frost cast upon the land,
Mother Earth's secrets Bestowed.
I am lord of the frost,
May my servants delight in my frozen blood.

I am the hunter,
In the snow filled lands.
Brother of man and of beast,
Hear my voice among the trees.

Let cloud and snow fill your mind,
Give him your heart in peace.
Soon the magick will stir within,
His soul in darkness keep.
His secret servants he doth send,
To whisper by your bed.
Wake to find his frozen hand,
Descend from eyes of red.

I am white shadow,
The life that lives in death,
I live to die and live again.

Dance 'round the fires mirthfully,
Behold his temple is spirit and flesh.
Find thineself among the storm,
Laughing from deep within
As it pours.

I accept thine gift great father,
Speak to me deep in my sleep.
For I shall carry out thine will,
Every whisper.
Every night.

The wise warrior stand at my feet,
He praises my holy names.
His soul is set free,
Redeem thineself.
Come forth before me,
And howl.

Text přidal michaelek02

Text opravil DevilDan

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